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A Fact Sheet on Disputes Involving Intellectual Property Professional Malpractice

There are generally four types of intellectual property professional malpractice disputes: Patent, Trademark, Copyright Infringement & Unfair Competition (Trade Secret Theft, Breach of Non-Compete Agreements, Internet Conflicts Involving Domain Issues, & Trade Libel/Product Disparagement) Complexity of Malpractice Litigation The majority of intellectual property malpractice cases fall under into four separate categories: patents, trade secrets, copyright, and trademarks. These kinds of cases often involve complex case analysis and a thorough understanding of what qualifies as intellectual property. Expertise in these areas is essential for your case if you have concerns about an unfolding legal issue involving professional malpractice. It’s in your best interest to act swiftly and to retain legal counsel to protect your interests, whether the case is already in... Read More

What is the Scope of a Patent?

If you’re concerned that someone in Florida or elsewhere is infringing on your patent, you need legal advice right away. A patent provides you with important and exclusive rights to an invention. Your part in the process is to describe how the object or product is made and how it can be used. When the patent rights eventually run out, this allows everyone to take advantage of the invention. At the end of a patent document, there is a section that provides a clear definition of what the patent actually protects. Every element of the patent claims section must be present in order for the case to qualify as patent infringement. If there are improvements to the design that was... Read More

Getting Prepared for Commercial Litigation

Are you concerned about possible future commercial litigation? Being prepared is a vital step to your success whether you are being sued or whether you are the party planning to initiate the lawsuit. The more work you do at the outset, the more you’ll feel confident as the case unfolds and the less time you’ll have to pay an attorney to organize or review documents. Even if you’re not currently involved in commercial litigation in South Florida, these steps will help to protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Start by keeping a detailed calendar. This is a great way to prove your actual location on any given day. It’s a painstaking process to review old emails, notes and... Read More

Do I Need an Unfair Competition Lawyer?

Your South Florida business practices can come to a screeching halt if you suspect that an issue of unfair competition has emerged. You need an experienced unfair competition lawyer to help you sort through what qualifies as a case and how to proceed in your unique situation. Unfair competition attorneys in South Florida have broad knowledge about invasion of privacy cases, deceptive trade practice claims, and general unfair competition law throughout the state. Unfair competition can have many negative impacts on your business, like causing economic injury as a result of a wrongful business practice. While the most popular source of unfair competition cases in Miami is trademark infringement, there are other cases that can also hurt your company. There... Read More