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What is the Scope of Due Diligence in Intellectual Property?

Due diligence refers to the comprehensive and careful evaluation of possible investments and it can apply to both individual and corporate situations. This review can be particularly complex where the investment involves evaluation of technology and intellectual property rights, such as patents and protectable trade secrets. Due diligence is critical for companies to fully understand an investment’s nature as well as the risks of that investment. It is a task that is essential for the preparation of any investment, whether at the individual or corporate level. In Miami/Boca Raton or Naples, you have a number of choices – Experience and diversity of practice, however, narrow the selection process to a limited number of individuals and firms who can best serve... Read More

Top Three Tips for Hiring the Right Copyright Attorney

If you are involved in the process of securing a copyright in Miami/Boca Raton or Naples, you’re probably beginning to investigate possible attorneys to help you with this process. Hiring an attorney early on in the process can improve chances that your copyright is secured properly and efficiently. When you don’t already have a network of individuals who can help you or a contact in the intellectual property field, conduct your research for the right intellectual property attorney for your situation. Securing a copyright falls under the umbrella of intellectual property law, which also includes subjects related to trademarks and patents. Finding an attorney who practices in all three subjects may seem appealing, but it’s important to know that some... Read More

Top Tips For A Technology License Agreement

Having a clearly defined technology license agreement for your company not only clarifies guidelines but also decreases the chances that you will find yourself a party to a dispute requiring the services of a Florida intellectual property attorney. Before drafting your agreement, set up a time to define the objectives for the technology license agreement. Common issues might include whether you hope to grant a pure intellectual property license, transfer all of the rights related to technology or product to help in the development process, or whether you are simply hoping to obtain revenue from patents. Knowing what you’d like as the outcome is helpful throughout the process of drafting a technology license agreement. It’s important to do your research... Read More

What Is the Difference Between a Copyright, Patent, and Trademark?

Patent law, trademark law and copyright law all fall under the umbrella of services typically offered by Florida intellectual property litigation attorneys. They are all independent doctrines of the law, however, and separate federal statutes govern the rules and regulations related to each one. Patent law protects non-obvious intentions, like machines, synthetic drugs, or manufacturing processes. Trademark law, however, governs the protection of brand names. Finally, copyright law protects original authorship works in a tangible form, like films, sculptures, books, or paintings. One of the most common sources of intellectual property disputes has to do with who owns the copyrights and has the rights to use it. The author of a work is the sole copyright owner for the majority... Read More