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Why Is a Licensing Agreement so Important for Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property refers to intangible property that has been created in someone’s mind area some of the most popular categories of intellectual property include music, inventions, art, designs, trademarks, and processes. There can be significant value associated with intellectual property, and many people in Florida choose to protect this with a license. Your intellectual property license helps you manage, control, and protect the intellectual property you have created. In a Florida licensing agreement, and intellectual property rights holder is eligible to make money from an invention or a piece of creative work by charging the licensee or user of that product area common examples of licenses include proprietary rights for the use of software. In the realm of business, a... Read More

Most Common Trademark Application Filing Mistakes

Many mistakes that occur in the process of filing for a trademark in Boca Raton happen before the application is actually filed. You can save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by doing a comprehensive search to determine if anyone else is using similar marks on other goods or if someone else is using a market will look similar to your own. Identifying these conflicts early can help you catch problems before you go through the process of filing for a trademark. It could also give you advance notice about the potential for investing in building another mark that will give you stronger rights. The second most common mistake in filing for a trademark in Boca Raton is not... Read More

Downfalls of Pursuing Trademark Litigation

If you are a party to a case involving a trademark dispute, it’s quite common that you want to rectify the issues at hand and get an official decision or moving forward. Assuming that litigation is your only option, however, can be very detrimental to your case. According to research from the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the average cost of intellectual property lawsuit is greater than $400,000. One of the reasons that cost can be so high in these kinds of cases is that intellectual property disputes typically involves specialized fields or highly technical knowledge. As a result, the discovery process can be extremely expensive. The basic nature of trademark disputes is also inherently complicated, leading to other difficulties... Read More

Copyrighting Your Art and Protect Your Creations

As an artist, it’s essential that you are informed about the process of securing a copyright in Miami. Engaging with this process early on can help to protect your rights and reduce the chances that you’ll wind up in mediation or litigation regarding a copyright dispute. One of the reasons that it’s all the more important to investigate the copyright process is because today’s digital age makes it easier than ever for people to steal artwork and use it for their own purposes. It’s always good to be well educated about your opportunities to fight back when your work is taken. Your first step should be to register your work with copyright authorities in the US. Copyright laws protect both... Read More