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Copyright License Agreement Tips: Revocable Vs. Irrevocable

It can be exciting to license out a piece of software, a patent, or some other kind patentable work through a Florida copyright license agreement, but the language used inside such a document needs to be unambiguous. Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls associated with many licensing agreements is that the adjectives can easily be misunderstood. In basic Florida licensing agreement, the terms revocable and irrevocable have the basic meanings you would anticipate. An irrevocable license cannot be terminated, although leaving this in such simple language still may generate questions about whether the license can’t be terminated out of convenience or whether it can’t be terminated at all. A revocable license, on the other hand, can be terminated by the licensor... Read More

Steering Clear of Mistakes When Filing a Patent Application

You might think that you’re saving time and money when you file a patent application on your own in Florida, but doing so can increase the chances that you make a mistake. Here are some of the most common mistakes made when inventors try to “do it yourself” with a patent application. Mistake One: Not Keeping Private Details Private Make sure that if you present the details of your invention to someone else, you’ve had them sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you skip this step, even if it’s a venture capitalist firm that is considering making an investment, it can be harder to prove ownership down the road. Mistake Two: Failing to Consider the International Market Inventions could be exploited... Read More

Avoid Having A Mediated Trademark Dispute: Develop a Clearly “Owned” Logo

Whether you are a big or small company, your logo may be something that you find to have equity for your company and for the audience who links you to it. A brand identity project is a good way to reduce the chances of having to mediate a South Florida trademark dispute down the line. Before moving forward with your trademark application, consider these questions carefully: Is the Font Proprietary? Is the Logo Proprietary? If your logo or font is too similar to another company, this can be problematic for filing your trademark but it also might land you in South Florida trademark dispute mediation in the future if you or the other party wants to claim ownership of the... Read More

Securing Copyrights: A Few Tips for Associations

Especially for Miami associations in the fields of public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, IT, and communications, it really pays to be knowledgeable about copyrights. Here are the top three tips that association heads and board should keep in mind regarding copyrights. Copyrights Should be Registered All important, creative, and original works should be considered for copyright registration. Evaluate whether your association in Miami should secure copyrights for electronic, print, or audio-visual materials. Although it’s not required that you do so, it’s very simple to hire an attorney to help you obtain the benefits of copyright registration. Use Copyright Notices In connection with any creative and original works for your association, you should use copyright notices. Although they are not required,... Read More