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Most Common Overlooked Parts of a Franchising Agreement

A trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami is the legal contract that binds a franchiser to a franchisee and allows them to represent the company accordingly. These agreements typically include the same, universal details including specific instructions or protocols to follow that are specific to the franchise, the rights of each party, and the specifics of monetary portions. Unfortunately, however, many franchising agreements tend to overlook a few key aspects of the arrangement. Renewal Rights and Possibilities A contract usually states the term of validity; however, it is always a good idea to include the details of renewal rights and possibilities. Entering into a contract is legally binding by the State, which means once it is signed, little negotiation... Read More

When Should I Hire a Patent/Trademark Attorney?

If you are an inventor or the creator of an amazing product, it is likely that you would do anything to protect it. A patents and trademarks attorney in Florida is one the facets of the creation process that could save you and your business from problematic upsets and even disaster. However, most startup professionals are working on a budget, so how do you know when hiring an attorney is a productive investment? What is a Patent/Trademark Attorney? A patent/trademark attorney specializes in everything relating to patents including patent application and opposition filings. Their goal is to assist with the complex process so your patent can be achieved with the smallest amount of hassle for you. Think About the Future... Read More

Next Steps: What to Do When Someone’s Infringing Your Copyright

Infringement is a crime that most believe they will never encounter—who wants to believe that someone else would want to pass their work off as their own. Unfortunately, however, this is a common occurrence whether it is on a small level or a larger scale that could have a severe impact. It is vital, if you are producing any sort of original content, that you know what to do if you believe someone is committing copyright infringement South FL. Confront Perpetrator Directly The first step that should be taken requires almost no cost, and the effort is minimal. If you believe someone has stolen your protected work, you should certainly confront that person face to face before any legal proceedings... Read More

How to Set the Stage for an Effective Intellectual Property Dispute Mediation

An intellectual property dispute is never an easy case, as it involves something very close to home—your original thoughts and creativity. When someone steals this from you, it can make a situation quite volatile, and it is clear that effective mediation is necessary. Prior to proceeding, it is a great idea to follow a few tips so that you can properly set the stage for effective mediation. What is Mediation? Mediating intellectual property disputes in Boca Raton FL is all about coming to an agreement. Legal mediation ensures that both parties agree to a compromise so a final settlement can be reached. Unfortunately, this sort of proceeding usually involves sacrifices on the ends of both parties, which can be difficult... Read More