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Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your First Patent Application

In a world so fast paced, being an entrepreneur or an inventor requires not only an idea or creation. It also requires that you protect it, or better said, patent it. With this comes an application and a process that can be a hassle. It is possible to file the patent application with or without an attorney. However, there are a few reasons why hiring an attorney may be a good idea for your first patent application, at least. Finding a patents and trademarks attorney in Florida may be the next step in finding success in your business venture. Process Requires Extensive Research An important part of completing the patent application is doing patent research. The research entails a few... Read More

What Are the Most Common Examples of Copyright Infringement?

The laws that pertain to the protection of the legal owner of a certain piece of work have been in place for many years. A copyright allows the legal owner to have create for the work created and provide a way to repay said owner when the right is infringed. With the world becoming a smaller place as a result of all the technological advances, it can be dangerously easy to infringe on a copyright. It may be helpful in preventing future offenses by knowing some of the most common examples of copyright infringement in South FL but also anywhere else including the World Wide Web. Piracy This is one of the most common examples of copyright infringement. It encompasses... Read More

How to Ensure a Fair Franchising Agreement

A franchise is an example of business area that requires of certain documents and agreements, such as a franchising agreement to run smoothly. However, in the business relationships and laws, one of the parties to the agreement may be in the “losing” side of the agreement and it could be you as the franchisee. As you move forward in this process of becoming a part of a franchise, it is important that you be aware of a few ways to ensure a fair franchising agreement in Miami or elsewhere you may need it. Do Research Ensuring that you have a fair licensing agreement can be done from the beginning of the whole process. When you initially begin to consider finding... Read More

How to Approach Mediation for Intellectual Property Disputes

There is more than one way to go about solving issues that arise related to intellectual property disputes. A lawyer has had education and preparation for this process, while on the client’s side, it can be helpful to be aware of what they beginning. One of the options for resolution is mediation and here are a few ways to consider as to how to approach mediating intellectual property disputes in Boca Raton, FL. Ensure Accuracy The documents involved in the transaction may require that mediation be used to solve the dispute. However, in other situations, it can be up to the parties involved to choose a more facilitating manner through mediation. Speak with your attorney and ensure that mediating intellectual... Read More