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Types of Claims that Arise from Unfair Competition Litigation in Miami FL

Unfair competition law encompasses business trade practices that cause economic harm to consumers and other businesses. Unlike other types of intellectual property claims such as patent or trademark violations, unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida focuses on the harm that the business causes to others outside the business. This area of the law sets out to protect consumers and competitors from deceptive or unethical business actions. Unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida may involve several different types of claims. Copied or Pirated Intellectual Property Unfair competition litigation may arise if another entity is copying or pirating another’s intellectual property for its own economic gain. This type of claim may be relied upon when other forms of intellectual property have not... Read More

Three Signs You Need a Patent Attorney in Boca Raton FL

While lay people may be able to handle some areas of the law without a lawyer, intellectual property law is not one of these areas. A patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida provides invaluable services to clients to help them protect their innovations. Here are three signs when you will need the services of a patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida. You Are Not Sure if You Can Receive a Patent A patent attorney can discuss the nature of the invention with you and review drawings and sketches that you have. He or she will attempt to ascertain what is novel about the idea and how your invention is different from other similar items in the market, if applicable. Not... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Franchising Agreement in Naples FL

Franchises offer both the franchisor – the central owner of the business model – and the franchisee – the person who is running a single or multiple units of the business model – several advantages. However, they can also come with certain disadvantages. A properly drafted franchising agreement in Naples Florida can help to clearly spell out the terms between a franchisor and franchisee. Such a franchising agreement in Naples Florida should take the following advantages and disadvantages into consideration. Support For the franchisee, a distinct benefit is that he or she can go into business without the risk of launching a distinct business. It allows for someone who wants to be a business owner to launch a business with... Read More

Talk to an Intellectual Property Attorney in Miami FL before an Investor

Although some individuals may think that it is practical to first discuss an idea with an investor who has the funds to support it, talking to an investor before an intellectual property attorney in Miami Florida has the potential to cause legal trouble. An intellectual property attorney in Miami Florida can help take the steps necessary to protect original ideas. Patent Rights Simply because a person has an idea, does not mean that he or she legally owns the idea. After all, someone could have already thought up the same idea without the second (or subsequent) person knowing. Even if no one had such an original idea, it is not legally protected simply by its creation. That is where patents... Read More