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Ask Questions to Help Resolve an Intellectual Property Dispute in Miami

Intellectual property disputes in Miami are often complex cases involving two or more parties at odds over an artistic work or creation. Commonly, the two sides often have views that are quite different from each other. Having open communication while handling an intellectual property dispute in Miami can help clarify the case and assist the parties in determining the next step that should be taken in the process. Parties tend to see the case only from their own perspective. The other side may be completely invisible to them. By realizing that the other party does not see what you do, you may be able to explain your perspective more clearly. At the same time, you may also be lacking vision... Read More

Breaking through Barriers in an Intellectual Property Dispute in South Florida

When parties use an alternative form of dispute resolution to resolve an intellectual property dispute in South Florida, they may reach a barrier with the other side at some point in the process. This can sometimes cause the parties to give up and continue with litigation. However, there are several ways that the parties can help break through such barriers in an intellectual property dispute in South Florida. The first way to handle such obstacles is to really listen to the other side. It is critical that the adverse party feel that he or she is being heard and understood. Simply by openly listening to a different perspective, you can lay the groundwork of respect that can eventually help settle... Read More

Options when Dealing with Copyright Infringement in Florida

If you are handling an issue concerning copyright infringement in Florida, you may wonder about the options available to you. After all, you take your creativity and work very seriously and want your hard work to pay off in your own favor. By knowing the options that are available to you in cases involving copyright infringement in Florida, you can make a more informed decision about how you want to proceed. Confront Violator Once you encounter what you suspect to be copyright infringement, you may choose to confront the violator directly. Sometimes by simply asserting your rights can ensure that the violator is aware of his or her bad acts and may be enough to influence him or her to... Read More

Common Problems found in Licensing Agreements in Florida

A licensing agreement in Florida is created when one party wants to allow another party to use his product or idea in exchange for an agreed upon amount of compensation. Licensing agreements in Florida are common transactions, but it is also common for problems to arise with such agreements. Some of the most common problems include: Failure to Adequately Define the Product or Service The product or service may be defined too vaguely or broadly, which may potentially provide one of the parties with more rights than the parties actually believed they were exchanging. The definition of the product or service is critical in any license agreement and is the cornerstone of the agreement. A poorly drafted definition can affect... Read More