Avoid Having A Mediated Trademark Dispute: Develop a Clearly “Owned” Logo

Whether you are a big or small company, your logo may be something that you find to have equity for your company and for the audience who links you to it. A brand identity project is a good way to reduce the chances of having to mediate a South Florida trademark dispute down the line. Before moving forward with your trademark application, consider these questions carefully:

Is the Font Proprietary? Is the Logo Proprietary?

If your logo or font is too similar to another company, this can be problematic for filing your trademark but it also might land you in South Florida trademark dispute mediation in the future if you or the other party wants to claim ownership of the mark.

Are the Colors of Your Brand Unique?

One of the biggest goals you should set yourself when creating a logo is to have “ownability” and “recognizability” of a particular color. If you have a brand color palette that is quite similar to a competitor, there may be confusion from your customers.

Is Your New Identity Concept Unique to Your Company?

A great guideline for determining this is to cover up the mark with your thumb and put a competitor’s name next to it, the mark itself may not be unique enough for your needs.

It is a good idea to work with someone who has a background in trademarks when putting your logo together so that the research is done thoroughly. Many of the common problems that lead to mediation of trademark disputes can be prevented by doing your research at the development and filing stages.