Remedies for Copyright Infringement in South FL

Copyright infringement in South FL is taken very seriously.  After all, individuals have often poured their time, efforts and money into projects before they can claim intellectual property rights over them.  If a person is found guilty of copyright infringement in South FL, there are a number of remedies that may be afforded to the victim of this infringement. Injunction A court can order an injunction, which is a mandate that requires the parties that are infringing to cease the infringement. Receipt of Profits A court can also order that the infringing parties destroy all illegal copies or other infringing products.  Instead, it can order that the infringing party turn over every copy.  It can also order the infringing party to... Read More

What to Look for in a Patents and Trademarks Attorney in Florida

A patent and trademarks attorney in Florida may work on a wide variety of cases.  He or she may help apply for patents for clients, draft an agreement to license certain intellectual property, write a franchise agreement to use a trademark or protect clients from frivolous lawsuits that claim that they are infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.  These issues primarily deal with preserving clients’ rights and protecting their livelihoods, making the person whom you chose as your patent and trademarks attorney in Florida a very important decision.  Look for the following characteristics to ensure that you are provided with the professional representation that you deserve. Focus Your patent and trademarks attorney should primarily focus his or her practice on... Read More

Key Provisions Your Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement in Miami Better Have

If you own a trademark and are licensing it to another person or entity or if you are the one asking to license the trademark, it is important that this information be clearly laid out in a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami.  Only under the careful supervision of an intellectual property lawyer should you enter into such an agreement.  This helps ensure that you and the other party have clearly laid out your expectations.  The following provisions are a must when it comes to properly drafting a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami. Obligations of the Parties The rights and duties of each party should be clearly spelled out in the agreement.  This includes information regarding any... Read More

Types of Claims that Arise from Unfair Competition Litigation in Miami FL

Unfair competition law encompasses business trade practices that cause economic harm to consumers and other businesses. Unlike other types of intellectual property claims such as patent or trademark violations, unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida focuses on the harm that the business causes to others outside the business. This area of the law sets out to protect consumers and competitors from deceptive or unethical business actions. Unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida may involve several different types of claims. Copied or Pirated Intellectual Property Unfair competition litigation may arise if another entity is copying or pirating another’s intellectual property for its own economic gain. This type of claim may be relied upon when other forms of intellectual property have not... Read More

Three Signs You Need a Patent Attorney in Boca Raton FL

While lay people may be able to handle some areas of the law without a lawyer, intellectual property law is not one of these areas. A patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida provides invaluable services to clients to help them protect their innovations. Here are three signs when you will need the services of a patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida. You Are Not Sure if You Can Receive a Patent A patent attorney can discuss the nature of the invention with you and review drawings and sketches that you have. He or she will attempt to ascertain what is novel about the idea and how your invention is different from other similar items in the market, if applicable. Not... Read More
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