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Options when Dealing with Copyright Infringement in Florida

If you are handling an issue concerning copyright infringement in Florida, you may wonder about the options available to you. After all, you take your creativity and work very seriously and want your hard work to pay off in your own favor. By knowing the options that are available to you in cases involving copyright infringement in Florida, you can make a more informed decision about how you want to proceed. Confront Violator Once you encounter what you suspect to be copyright infringement, you may choose to confront the violator directly. Sometimes by simply asserting your rights can ensure that the violator is aware of his or her bad acts and may be enough to influence him or her to... Read More

Remedies for Copyright Infringement in South FL

Copyright infringement in South FL is taken very seriously.  After all, individuals have often poured their time, efforts and money into projects before they can claim intellectual property rights over them.  If a person is found guilty of copyright infringement in South FL, there are a number of remedies that may be afforded to the victim of this infringement. Injunction A court can order an injunction, which is a mandate that requires the parties that are infringing to cease the infringement. Receipt of Profits A court can also order that the infringing parties destroy all illegal copies or other infringing products.  Instead, it can order that the infringing party turn over every copy.  It can also order the infringing party to... Read More

Why You Need a Copyright Infringement Attorney in Miami FL

Do you believe someone has violated your copyrights? Are you being sued for copyright infringement? If so, you need to consult with a local copyright infringement attorney in Miami Florida. Copyright infringement involves the use of works protected by exclusive copyrights without the permission of the copyright holder. These copyrights include the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works. A copyright infringement attorney in Miami Florida can advise you about your rights in the situation and represent you in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Many people are not aware that copyright infringement can occur even if a work is not copied exactly, since copyright infringement minimally requires a work to be substantially similar... Read More

What Are the Most Common Examples of Copyright Infringement?

The laws that pertain to the protection of the legal owner of a certain piece of work have been in place for many years. A copyright allows the legal owner to have create for the work created and provide a way to repay said owner when the right is infringed. With the world becoming a smaller place as a result of all the technological advances, it can be dangerously easy to infringe on a copyright. It may be helpful in preventing future offenses by knowing some of the most common examples of copyright infringement in South FL but also anywhere else including the World Wide Web. Piracy This is one of the most common examples of copyright infringement. It encompasses... Read More

Copy Infringement: What Artists Need to Know

Artists have a unique relationship with copyright laws. Is someone singing their song on the sidewalk or a beach in Florida an infringement? What about a band with a similarly named band? Artists need a working knowledge of copyrights in order to protect themselves. The best thing to do if you feel you have been infringed upon is to hire a reputable attorney to look into the problem for you. Below, you can find some facts you need to know as an artist. Automatic Copyright As soon as an artist documents their work, weather through recording or writing, the work becomes copy righted. Copyright is a form of intellectual property. The copyright lasts for 70 years after the creator’s death.... Read More
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