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Next Steps: What to Do When Someone’s Infringing Your Copyright

Infringement is a crime that most believe they will never encounter—who wants to believe that someone else would want to pass their work off as their own. Unfortunately, however, this is a common occurrence whether it is on a small level or a larger scale that could have a severe impact. It is vital, if you are producing any sort of original content, that you know what to do if you believe someone is committing copyright infringement South FL. Confront Perpetrator Directly The first step that should be taken requires almost no cost, and the effort is minimal. If you believe someone has stolen your protected work, you should certainly confront that person face to face before any legal proceedings... Read More

Copyright License Agreement Tips: Revocable Vs. Irrevocable

It can be exciting to license out a piece of software, a patent, or some other kind patentable work through a Florida copyright license agreement, but the language used inside such a document needs to be unambiguous. Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls associated with many licensing agreements is that the adjectives can easily be misunderstood. In basic Florida licensing agreement, the terms revocable and irrevocable have the basic meanings you would anticipate. An irrevocable license cannot be terminated, although leaving this in such simple language still may generate questions about whether the license can’t be terminated out of convenience or whether it can’t be terminated at all. A revocable license, on the other hand, can be terminated by the licensor... Read More

Securing Copyrights: A Few Tips for Associations

Especially for Miami associations in the fields of public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, IT, and communications, it really pays to be knowledgeable about copyrights. Here are the top three tips that association heads and board should keep in mind regarding copyrights. Copyrights Should be Registered All important, creative, and original works should be considered for copyright registration. Evaluate whether your association in Miami should secure copyrights for electronic, print, or audio-visual materials. Although it’s not required that you do so, it’s very simple to hire an attorney to help you obtain the benefits of copyright registration. Use Copyright Notices In connection with any creative and original works for your association, you should use copyright notices. Although they are not required,... Read More

Copyrighting Your Art and Protect Your Creations

As an artist, it’s essential that you are informed about the process of securing a copyright in Miami. Engaging with this process early on can help to protect your rights and reduce the chances that you’ll wind up in mediation or litigation regarding a copyright dispute. One of the reasons that it’s all the more important to investigate the copyright process is because today’s digital age makes it easier than ever for people to steal artwork and use it for their own purposes. It’s always good to be well educated about your opportunities to fight back when your work is taken. Your first step should be to register your work with copyright authorities in the US. Copyright laws protect both... Read More

What Are the Basic Elements in a Copyright Infringement Claim?

Although each copyright infringement case will have some unique factors, there are some common elements for most cases. All copyright law is governed by Federal Law. Accordingly, all state law statutes creating rights in original works, such as books, sculpture, photographs, music are not pre-empted by Federal Law. Copyright law does not however supplement other Federal protection for securing comparable rights. For example, a design patent is still available to protect ornamental feature of a structure. Similarly, unique, non-functional features of a product, which are distinctive and identify/associate the creator of the product with the product, are also protectable under both State and Federal laws precluding unfair competition. Copyright law can be summarized as an “anti-plagiarism” statute. It prohibits duplication... Read More
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