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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Franchising Agreement in Naples FL

Franchises offer both the franchisor – the central owner of the business model – and the franchisee – the person who is running a single or multiple units of the business model – several advantages. However, they can also come with certain disadvantages. A properly drafted franchising agreement in Naples Florida can help to clearly spell out the terms between a franchisor and franchisee. Such a franchising agreement in Naples Florida should take the following advantages and disadvantages into consideration. Support For the franchisee, a distinct benefit is that he or she can go into business without the risk of launching a distinct business. It allows for someone who wants to be a business owner to launch a business with... Read More

How to Ensure a Fair Franchising Agreement

A franchise is an example of business area that requires of certain documents and agreements, such as a franchising agreement to run smoothly. However, in the business relationships and laws, one of the parties to the agreement may be in the “losing” side of the agreement and it could be you as the franchisee. As you move forward in this process of becoming a part of a franchise, it is important that you be aware of a few ways to ensure a fair franchising agreement in Miami or elsewhere you may need it. Do Research Ensuring that you have a fair licensing agreement can be done from the beginning of the whole process. When you initially begin to consider finding... Read More

Most Common Overlooked Parts of a Franchising Agreement

A trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami is the legal contract that binds a franchiser to a franchisee and allows them to represent the company accordingly. These agreements typically include the same, universal details including specific instructions or protocols to follow that are specific to the franchise, the rights of each party, and the specifics of monetary portions. Unfortunately, however, many franchising agreements tend to overlook a few key aspects of the arrangement. Renewal Rights and Possibilities A contract usually states the term of validity; however, it is always a good idea to include the details of renewal rights and possibilities. Entering into a contract is legally binding by the State, which means once it is signed, little negotiation... Read More

Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

Before you sign on the dotted line with an agreement for a Florida franchise, make sure you’ve conducted your research and feel confident about your decision. Without knowing all your rights and responsibilities you could end up frustrated, so due diligence is critical for your new enterprise. There are several factors you’ll want to consider in depth before committing to a franchise, first of which is the type of experience that’s required, or best suited, to running this kind of business. Without insuring that the franchisor has a proven track record for franchisee support, specifically, training, advertising and volume purchasing power, the franchise will likely struggle to survive and likely fail. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of... Read More