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Why Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney in Miami FL?

Intellectual property law deals with the legal interests that inventors, designers, writers and artists of all kinds have in their work product. An intellectual property attorney in Miami Florida assists clients with the legal issues related to intellectual property, often abbreviated as IP, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual property law is a complex and specialized area of law. If you have any questions related to patents, copyrights, or trademarks, you should contact a local intellectual property attorney in Miami Florida for a consultation. While similarities make it easy to confuse patents, copyrights, trademarks and service marks, all of these intellectual property protections serve distinct purposes. Patents endure for twenty... Read More

How to Approach Mediation for Intellectual Property Disputes

There is more than one way to go about solving issues that arise related to intellectual property disputes. A lawyer has had education and preparation for this process, while on the client’s side, it can be helpful to be aware of what they beginning. One of the options for resolution is mediation and here are a few ways to consider as to how to approach mediating intellectual property disputes in Boca Raton, FL. Ensure Accuracy The documents involved in the transaction may require that mediation be used to solve the dispute. However, in other situations, it can be up to the parties involved to choose a more facilitating manner through mediation. Speak with your attorney and ensure that mediating intellectual... Read More

Mediation or Litigation? Options for an Intellectual Property Dispute

Intellectual property disputes are becoming a common problem for creative people and business people alike. From South Florida to Washington State, people have been having to choose how to handle intellectual property disputes. There are a few options to consider. Litigation Pros: Litigation is a process involving a judge hearing evidence from both parties and deciding. This allows businesses to gather up any evidence they feel is prudent and present it. It also allows either party to appeal if they are not happy with the judge’s decision. Cons: This process takes a long time. Companies are required to do their own fact collecting, which can mean a costly investigation. This is often not a viable option for small companies. Mediation... Read More

Common Evidence Used in an Intellectual Property Dispute

Intellectual property disputes are crossing lawyer’s desk more frequently than ever before. Major cities such as Miami and New York have many law firms which deal only with these types of cases. Many times, these cases turn into bitter legal battles. Time after time, the cases come down to a few basic concepts. When It Was Patented Amazon received the patent on their one-click technology only days before taking Barn’s and Noble to court over a similar technology. While it is likely that both companies were developing their technology at the same time, Amazon applied for their patent first and thus received it first. The verdict of that case has not been released, but many similar cases have been decided... Read More

How to Set the Stage for an Effective Intellectual Property Dispute Mediation

An intellectual property dispute is never an easy case, as it involves something very close to home—your original thoughts and creativity. When someone steals this from you, it can make a situation quite volatile, and it is clear that effective mediation is necessary. Prior to proceeding, it is a great idea to follow a few tips so that you can properly set the stage for effective mediation. What is Mediation? Mediating intellectual property disputes in Boca Raton FL is all about coming to an agreement. Legal mediation ensures that both parties agree to a compromise so a final settlement can be reached. Unfortunately, this sort of proceeding usually involves sacrifices on the ends of both parties, which can be difficult... Read More
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