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Common Problems found in Licensing Agreements in Florida

A licensing agreement in Florida is created when one party wants to allow another party to use his product or idea in exchange for an agreed upon amount of compensation. Licensing agreements in Florida are common transactions, but it is also common for problems to arise with such agreements. Some of the most common problems include: Failure to Adequately Define the Product or Service The product or service may be defined too vaguely or broadly, which may potentially provide one of the parties with more rights than the parties actually believed they were exchanging. The definition of the product or service is critical in any license agreement and is the cornerstone of the agreement. A poorly drafted definition can affect... Read More

Key Provisions Your Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement in Miami Better Have

If you own a trademark and are licensing it to another person or entity or if you are the one asking to license the trademark, it is important that this information be clearly laid out in a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami.  Only under the careful supervision of an intellectual property lawyer should you enter into such an agreement.  This helps ensure that you and the other party have clearly laid out your expectations.  The following provisions are a must when it comes to properly drafting a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami. Obligations of the Parties The rights and duties of each party should be clearly spelled out in the agreement.  This includes information regarding any... Read More

Technology License Agreements in Miami Florida

A technology license agreement in Miami Florida is essentially a legal contract between two parties, the licensor and the licensee, whereby the licensor grants to the licensee the right to use, modify, and/or resell technological intellectual property. In exchange for the use of this legally protected technology, the licensee agrees to terms and conditions regarding the use of the licensor's property, which typically includes agreeing to make payments referred to as royalties. Regardless of whether you are the licensee or the licensor, if you are interested in entering into a technology license agreement in Miami Florida, you should seek guidance from a local intellectual property attorney. While some technology licensing agreements may seem lengthy and complicated, most of these types... Read More

Three Elements of a Strong Licensing Agreement

Licensing agreements allow a third party to use intellectual property. The contract lays out the terms and conditions such as the payment, duration and credit. It is important to assure that the contract is well written and expresses the wishes of both parties. Payment The contract dictates how much artist will be paid and how. Some artists wish be paid in a lump sum. Others prefer to receive royalties, or a percentage of the money the other artist makes off of their work. It is important that artists assure that the contract reflects what they want. Other important details The artist should also assure that the contract specifies how long they are giving others the rights. Some contracts allow the... Read More

Why Is a Licensing Agreement so Important for Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property refers to intangible property that has been created in someone’s mind area some of the most popular categories of intellectual property include music, inventions, art, designs, trademarks, and processes. There can be significant value associated with intellectual property, and many people in Florida choose to protect this with a license. Your intellectual property license helps you manage, control, and protect the intellectual property you have created. In a Florida licensing agreement, and intellectual property rights holder is eligible to make money from an invention or a piece of creative work by charging the licensee or user of that product area common examples of licenses include proprietary rights for the use of software. In the realm of business, a... Read More
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