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Key Provisions Your Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement in Miami Better Have

If you own a trademark and are licensing it to another person or entity or if you are the one asking to license the trademark, it is important that this information be clearly laid out in a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami.  Only under the careful supervision of an intellectual property lawyer should you enter into such an agreement.  This helps ensure that you and the other party have clearly laid out your expectations.  The following provisions are a must when it comes to properly drafting a trademark licensing and franchising agreement in Miami. Obligations of the Parties The rights and duties of each party should be clearly spelled out in the agreement.  This includes information regarding any... Read More

Key Provisions in a Trademark Licensing Agreement in Boca Raton FL

A trademark licensing agreement in Boca Raton Florida has the potential to provide a lucrative stream of revenue for both parties. The party granting the license will receive a steady stream of income for little ongoing work. The party that receives the license may also financially benefit from the business transaction by associating itself with a name that has recognition in the market. Although every trademark licensing agreement in Boca Raton Florida is different, there are certain provisions and language that these agreements usually require. Identification and Grant Although it may sound simplistic, the parties who are entering into the agreement must be clearly spelled out. This is important because many businesses may have similar names or DBA names. Additionally,... Read More

Why Your Patents and Trademarks Attorney in Naples FL May Suggest Mediation

A patents and trademarks attorney in Naples Florida must always be prepared to defend the patent and intellectual property of his or her clients. However, there are times when expensive and time-consuming litigation may not be in the best interests of the client. In these situations, a patents and trademarks attorney in Naples Florida may suggest mediation. In today’s fast-paced world, having an intellectual property dispute tied up in court can cause a business or idea to come to a screeching halt. It can also trigger uncertainty with other aspects of the business that are not even in dispute. Another benefit that mediation provides is that it is a confidential process, which allows the business that is defending its intellectual... Read More

Do you Need a Patents and Trademarks Attorney in Miami FL?

Do you have an idea for an invention? Are you seeking a trademark or service mark for your business name or logo? If you answered yes, you could definitely benefit from the assistance of a patents and trademarks attorney in Miami Florida. Many people often wonder if their great idea is patentable or what the advantages are of registering a trademark or service mark. These are the types of questions that a local patents and trademarks attorney in Miami Florida can answer as they advise you on your intellectual property rights. Patents are issued by the Patent and Trademark Office to inventors for legal protection of their invention. A patent lasts for twenty years from the date on which the... Read More

When Should I Hire a Patent/Trademark Attorney?

If you are an inventor or the creator of an amazing product, it is likely that you would do anything to protect it. A patents and trademarks attorney in Florida is one the facets of the creation process that could save you and your business from problematic upsets and even disaster. However, most startup professionals are working on a budget, so how do you know when hiring an attorney is a productive investment? What is a Patent/Trademark Attorney? A patent/trademark attorney specializes in everything relating to patents including patent application and opposition filings. Their goal is to assist with the complex process so your patent can be achieved with the smallest amount of hassle for you. Think About the Future... Read More
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