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Types of Claims that Arise from Unfair Competition Litigation in Miami FL

Unfair competition law encompasses business trade practices that cause economic harm to consumers and other businesses. Unlike other types of intellectual property claims such as patent or trademark violations, unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida focuses on the harm that the business causes to others outside the business. This area of the law sets out to protect consumers and competitors from deceptive or unethical business actions. Unfair competition litigation in Miami Florida may involve several different types of claims. Copied or Pirated Intellectual Property Unfair competition litigation may arise if another entity is copying or pirating another’s intellectual property for its own economic gain. This type of claim may be relied upon when other forms of intellectual property have not... Read More

Do I Need an Unfair Competition Lawyer?

Your South Florida business practices can come to a screeching halt if you suspect that an issue of unfair competition has emerged. You need an experienced unfair competition lawyer to help you sort through what qualifies as a case and how to proceed in your unique situation. Unfair competition attorneys in South Florida have broad knowledge about invasion of privacy cases, deceptive trade practice claims, and general unfair competition law throughout the state. Unfair competition can have many negative impacts on your business, like causing economic injury as a result of a wrongful business practice. While the most popular source of unfair competition cases in Miami is trademark infringement, there are other cases that can also hurt your company. There... Read More