Copyright Infringement and Social Media: What You Need to Know

Every day, millions of users hit social media to share posts without really thinking about the possible copyright infringement issues. Since things can be shared in just a matter of seconds, it’s no surprise that the majority of people have probably witnessed numerous copyright infringement violations on social media. The “post anything” nature of today’s society means that some individuals have forgotten about the rules that exist to protect copyrights in Florida and beyond.

Some original posts themselves may qualify for copyright protection, with the rule and perception being that the copyright protects an author’s interest in an original work, shared through a tangible medium. When it comes to shorter posts, like those that are typical on social media, the content would have to be quite original in order for a copyright to be granted.

Another thing worth noting in light of the fact that material can be “reposted”, “shared”, or “repined” in just a matter of minutes is that those people who are doing these behaviors don’t exempt a secondary user from a possible copyright infringement claim. Even giving credit to the original creator of the material doesn’t guarantee full protection, either.

Bear in mind that any social media poster makes use of a website for which they have accepted the terms of service for. In the long run, this means that the social media company takes no liability for what you post or share and that the bulk of the responsibility sits with the individual user. That’s why anyone should always think twice about sharing material that could possibly be the source of a copyright infringement claim in South Florida. Hire the experienced patent, trademark, and copyright specialists of Faro & Associates to learn more specific details about these issues in Florida.