Copyrighting Your Art and Protect Your Creations

As an artist, it’s essential that you are informed about the process of securing a copyright in Miami. Engaging with this process early on can help to protect your rights and reduce the chances that you’ll wind up in mediation or litigation regarding a copyright dispute. One of the reasons that it’s all the more important to investigate the copyright process is because today’s digital age makes it easier than ever for people to steal artwork and use it for their own purposes. It’s always good to be well educated about your opportunities to fight back when your work is taken.

Your first step should be to register your work with copyright authorities in the US. Copyright laws protect both published and unpublished works from being stolen by others without legal repercussions for the thieves. US copyright laws protect written and visual works like essays, paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

Even though the copyright legally belongs to an artist from the moment it is created, the standard applied in these kinds of cases has to do with proving that your work is original. That’s why it’s in the best interest of every artist to register his or her work because doing so establishes that work as the original. The original creator and the work associated with that individual gets the burden of proof in court, which makes the process of securing a copyright in Miami valuable not just for the short term but also for protection against future stolen copyrights. It can be an artist’s worst nightmare to have to go to court to defend a copyright when it’s difficult to prove that he or she is the original owner of that work, so securing the copyright early is essential.