Getting Prepared for Commercial Litigation

Are you concerned about possible future commercial litigation? Being prepared is a vital step to your success whether you are being sued or whether you are the party planning to initiate the lawsuit. The more work you do at the outset, the more you’ll feel confident as the case unfolds and the less time you’ll have to pay an attorney to organize or review documents. Even if you’re not currently involved in commercial litigation in South Florida, these steps will help to protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

Start by keeping a detailed calendar. This is a great way to prove your actual location on any given day. It’s a painstaking process to review old emails, notes and other details to re-create the calendar. It’s much easier if you’ve been keeping one for some time. Use a digital calendar and add last-minute meetings in at the end of the day so you’ve always got a backed-up record of where you’ve been.

Likewise, it’s good practice to document your notes of all conversations that you have had. If you feel that it’s necessary to close out a particular meeting in writing, this can be a wise choice if major decisions were made during this meeting. There’s very little chance that you’ll have a perfect memory to always recall what was said when, but meeting notes are an excellent way to jog your memory and once again serve as a statement of what actually happened at any given time.

Finally, put together a chronology of events for your attorney. Aside from saving you attorney fees for them to do this process on their own, it will also redefine the history of your dispute so that you can move forward effectively. Organization is the key to protecting yourself in commercial litigation.

If you ever find yourself suddenly tangled in or wanting to initiate a commercial litigation in Florida, Faro & Associates can provide you with excellent representation. With their offer of a complimentary in-person consultation, you can be assured that you are picking the best firm and lawyers for your case.