Intellectual Property

The creation of property from mental labor is known as intellectual property. Inventors and creators have certain rights and protections available under the law. Federal patent, trademark, and copyright laws protect your intellectual property, but you must take action to ensure these rights are activated. Our experienced attorneys can help inventors and creators from Miami, Florida secure the protection needed for intellectual property and defend this right if and when the need arises.

As an intellectual property firm, we handle all aspects of protecting intellectual property. This includes:

  • Filing applications for patents and trademarks
  • Defending existing patents and trademarks
  • Writing licensing agreements
  • Securing copyrights

Preparing an application to protect your intellectual property might at first seem simple, but it can be just as labor intensive as the invention or creation process. Achieving a successful patent or trademark requires a vast knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations associated with the field. You have the option of handling all of these tasks on your own, but why do so when you risk losing out on the protection afforded to you? Call us today at (305) 761-6921 and arrange for a consultation with our experienced patent, trademark, and copyright lawyers to make the process easier.