Investor Due Diligence Support in Miami FL

With new development constantly being erected and the popularity of high-rise hotels, investor due diligence support in Miami Florida to protect the investor’s financial and legal interests. Investor due diligence support in Miami Florida can help individuals and business entities that want to maximize their profits and diversify their portfolios.

When conducting due diligence, it is important to determine how big the business is that you are considering investing in. This can help determine pivotal information for investors, including the potential ownership percentage of the business, the identity of other investors and the value of any stock. This can also help predict the potential revenue stream with greater accuracy.

Armed with this information, an attorney who assists with due diligence will recommend looking into trends regarding the business’ revenues and profits. Attorneys may review a variety of financial documents, including profit and loss statements, quarterly reports, tax returns and disclosure forms.

Due diligence requires interested parties to realize that information is not static. With a change of ownership or a stream of new investment funds, there may be a significant impact on the potential revenue. Attorneys can run projections of future profits for the next two to three years. Additionally, other projections can be made regarding joint ventures, partnerships, new products, new services and intellectual property.

At the same time, investors will want to be aware of any potential risks that are foreseeable. These may be risks that are inherent to the industry in general or to the specific business opportunity. For example, outstanding issues with regulatory agencies can pose an undue risk. Any pending lawsuits can also pose a risk to new owners or investors as their profit margins are subject to shrink. New or existing competitors may also have a significant effect on the relative value of the company, as well as the market share that the business comprises.