Licensing & Franchise

Those interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business (extending territory or the nature of business) or improving the quality of the goods or services of a company can use the licensing of intellectual property rights to achieve these business goals. Doing so requires the support of an experienced intellectual property rights attorney.

A licensing agreement is a partnership between an intellectual property rights owner and another who is authorized to use such rights in exchange for payment (sometimes called royalties). A variety of these agreements are available, including:

  • Technology License Agreement
  • Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement
  • Copyright License Agreement

It is also possible to come across licensing agreements in other circumstances, including mergers or acquisitions, or in the course of negotiating a joint business venture.

As an intellectual property owner and the one responsible for granting a license, you are free to expand your business. A licensee that has the right to manufacture, sell, import, export, distribute, and market goods or services that were developed under your company. In order to have the protection needed to do these things successfully, it is important both the creator of the intellection property and initial business, as well as those benefitting from the creation, seek the guidance of experienced intellectual property attorneys at Faro and Associates. Call us today at (305) 761-6921 to schedule a consultation.