Litigation of intellectual property includes enforcing and/or defending patent, trademark, and copyright interests. When a dispute about a patent arises, our aggressive and experienced patent litigation team handles all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution. Whether the battle goes to court, mediation, arbitration, or is settled out of court, you need an experienced legal team to represent you. Enforcing and/or defending trademarks and copyrights differs from enforcing or defending patents. Notwithstanding, there is often overlap in the remedies and protection between these rights and, thus, your interest are better served, and rights protected, when represented by a federally licensed patent attorney who can addressed the inter-disciplinary nature of these related fields. Faro & Associates can represent your interests wherever they need protection – our practice is national!

With the emergence of the internet and social media, the importance of copyright protection has become increasingly far reaching (and in number of instance has begun to displace some of the more traditional methods of protection) for securing exclusivity to a client’s proprietary interest, whether in the field of false advertising, cyber squatting, counterfeiting, import and export laws, broadcast rights, digital printing, computer software laws, and website protection (based upon unique literary, audio, and visual works). Faro & Associates is well versed in this emerging and evolving area of the copyright law.

I, as do all federally license patent attorneys, have at least one undergraduate degree in at least one of the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, and/or geology), engineering and/or mathematics; and, was required to pass a federally administered examination for a Federal license (registration) to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office. My undergraduate degree is in biology and chemistry, and over the last 40+ years have gained a working knowledge of technologies involving complex engineering principles (medical and diagnostic instruments, non-invasive surgical devices and protocols), pollution abatement systems, energy related inventions, business software system application, and the computer sciences.

Faro & Associates has had experience in both the traditional adversarial venues, and in alternative dispute resolution venues (including mediation, AAA arbitration, state court and federal court) and in negotiation of a licenses to resolve dispute. The founder of Faro & Associates, John Faro, has been admitted to practice, by examination, in the States of Massachusetts, Delaware, Ohio, & Florida; admitted to practice the Federal District Courts of Massachusetts, Delaware, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Oregon and the Federal Courts of Courts of Appeal, including the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia.

Our legal team in Faro and Associates specialize in patent, trademark, copyright practice and related commercial litigation; and, represents clients nationally. If you find yourself in need of our services, call us at any one of our offices in Miami, Boca Raton or Naples, for a confidential discussion of your representation needs. If we cannot represent you effectively, our policy is to turn you down rather than let you down. Of course we will always recommend someone who can assist you.