Most Common Trademark Application Filing Mistakes

Many mistakes that occur in the process of filing for a trademark in Boca Raton happen before the application is actually filed. You can save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by doing a comprehensive search to determine if anyone else is using similar marks on other goods or if someone else is using a market will look similar to your own. Identifying these conflicts early can help you catch problems before you go through the process of filing for a trademark. It could also give you advance notice about the potential for investing in building another mark that will give you stronger rights.

The second most common mistake in filing for a trademark in Boca Raton is not including a proper drawing of your mark inside the application. This depends on the kind of trademark that you are filing, so if you’re trademark is just regarding words, you will need to include a drawing of how the words appear. If the trademark is a logo, you’ll need to include a picture of the logo. The drawing included in your trademark application is essential for determining what is actually protected by the trademark application, so it’s essential to be accurate from the outset.

The final common mistake associated with trademark application is failure to properly identify who owns the trademark. This can be very complicated in cases where a small business is involved. And ownership mistake can avoid the application or even make it a waste of time and money. If an individual is going to own the trademark, that individual needs to include their name, address, and citizenship proof from anywhere in the world. The trademark must also not be in use by anybody else.