Do I Need an Unfair Competition Lawyer?

Your South Florida business practices can come to a screeching halt if you suspect that an issue of unfair competition has emerged. You need an experienced unfair competition lawyer to help you sort through what qualifies as a case and how to proceed in your unique situation. Unfair competition attorneys in South Florida have broad knowledge about invasion of privacy cases, deceptive trade practice claims, and general unfair competition law throughout the state.

Unfair competition can have many negative impacts on your business, like causing economic injury as a result of a wrongful business practice. While the most popular source of unfair competition cases in Miami is trademark infringement, there are other cases that can also hurt your company.

There are numerous different ways that a case can qualify for unfair competition. The most common cases include invasion of privacy, comparative and false advertising issues, anti-competitive market practices, interference with business relationships, deceptive trade practices, defamation, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, Internet domain trademark issues, misrepresentation and fraud, trade dress or advertising compliance, or plagiarism.

If you find yourself a party to a South Florida unfair competition dispute, you need to lean on the expertise and talent of an unfair competitive lawyer. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to learn that your company is being impacted by another party’s behavior, but you need to take action quickly in order to increase the chances that your case is handled promptly and professionally. You need someone you can trust who is going to advocate for you in court.

Don’t hesitate to act if your South Florida company is feeling the fallout of unfair competition practices by someone else. Avail of the free in-person consultation offer from Faro & Associates to determine whether your case meets the qualifications for an unfair competition dispute.