Next Steps: What to Do When Someone’s Infringing Your Copyright

Infringement is a crime that most believe they will never encounter—who wants to believe that someone else would want to pass their work off as their own. Unfortunately, however, this is a common occurrence whether it is on a small level or a larger scale that could have a severe impact. It is vital, if you are producing any sort of original content, that you know what to do if you believe someone is committing copyright infringement South FL.

Confront Perpetrator Directly

The first step that should be taken requires almost no cost, and the effort is minimal. If you believe someone has stolen your protected work, you should certainly confront that person face to face before any legal proceedings are taken. This should only be done if you feel a sense of safety when approaching the opposing party. In the best-case scenario, the perpetrator will cease and desist the production of their infringed content; however, it is likely that further action may need to be taken.

Ensure Copyright Precision

Once a direct approach is no longer an option, legal efforts can ensue; however, you must confirm that your copyright agreement is fully in line. Depending on the amount of time that has passed since the agreement was procured, you may need to review it.

Court and Legal Proceedings

Hiring an attorney who specializing in copyright infringement is the first thing you should do—they can review your original agreement as well as provide continuous guidance. When the time comes, an attorney will assist you in taking the culprit to federal court where you can sue. However, if you would prefer to proceed without legal assistance, small claims court will allow you to sue for breach of contract individually.