Options when Dealing with Copyright Infringement in Florida

If you are handling an issue concerning copyright infringement in Florida, you may wonder about the options available to you. After all, you take your creativity and work very seriously and want your hard work to pay off in your own favor. By knowing the options that are available to you in cases involving copyright infringement in Florida, you can make a more informed decision about how you want to proceed.

Confront Violator

Once you encounter what you suspect to be copyright infringement, you may choose to confront the violator directly. Sometimes by simply asserting your rights can ensure that the violator is aware of his or her bad acts and may be enough to influence him or her to stop. This is often effectuated by having an intellectual property lawyer send a cease and desist letter. If the violation has caused minimal effect on your business, this may be your preferred method of handling the situation. However, this option also requires you to keep a close eye on the actions of the violator in order to ensure that.


Another option is to go through the process of mediation with the violator. Mediation is an alternative to litigation and involves having the parties meet and go through guided negotiations to reach an amicable solution. It is often viewed as a more peaceful method of handling legal disputes. It may result in having the violator agree to pay damages for infringement or an agreement in which you allow the violator to lawfully use your work.


Another form of alternative dispute resolution that you may consider is arbitration. This process is similar to a lawsuit, but it generally provides more control to the parties concerning the process and procedures that are followed. The parties can choose the arbitrator who will decide the case, as well as the issues that will be involved.


In some cases, pursuing a lawsuit may be the best or only option.