Practice Areas

John H. Faro, is the founder of Faro & Associates. Over the years Mr. Faro has written patent applications for companies and individual client which have since issued as more than 150 United States Patents. Mr. Faro’s analysis and opinions have provided the basis for the clearance of products for commercialization; and, alternatively, for the enforcement of his client’s patents against the products of their competitors.

Mr. Faro has technical competence is in the areas of material sciences, (e.g. immunochemistry, in vitro diagnostic test protocols, polymers and inorganic chemistry) minimally invasive surgical devices (e.g. laparoscopic and endoscopic devices, stents, etc.); diagnostic test protocols (heterogeneous and homogenous immunoassay and, in clinical chemistry); instrumentation or implementation of such test protocols; software based business applications, (e.9. smart routing system 1or stock trade execution; business applications from issuance of debit cards, etc); transdermal patches for delivery of medicine to, and/or sampling of , biological fluids; green technologies (e.9. alternative energy systems) environmental remediation and abatement technologies.

Faro & Associates has been actively involved in the representation of clients before the United States Patent & Trademark Office, both with respect to acquisition of trademarks and their enforcement. The extent of Faro & Associate trademark practice has included all aspects of representation before the Trademark Office, including appellate and opposition practice.

Over the past several years, Faro & Associates has represented clients in Federal Court in the enforcement of their Trademark rights, and, in addition, in the assertion and in the defense of claims for unfair competition. Typically, such unfair competition disputes also include a claim against a former employee violating one or more post employment constraints, or for the theft of trade secrets.


Faro & Associates has represented clients in the enforcement of their proprietary software and business program applications in the Federal District Courts. Faro & Associates also has solicited patents for client’s business program applications in lieu of copyright protection.