Securing Copyrights: A Few Tips for Associations

Especially for Miami associations in the fields of public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, IT, and communications, it really pays to be knowledgeable about copyrights. Here are the top three tips that association heads and board should keep in mind regarding copyrights.

Copyrights Should be Registered

All important, creative, and original works should be considered for copyright registration. Evaluate whether your association in Miami should secure copyrights for electronic, print, or audio-visual materials. Although it’s not required that you do so, it’s very simple to hire an attorney to help you obtain the benefits of copyright registration.

Use Copyright Notices

In connection with any creative and original works for your association, you should use copyright notices. Although they are not required, it can be essential for enhancing your existing intellectual property rights, especially when it comes to eradicating the “innocent infringement” defense.

Ensure That You Have Permission To Use IP

All the intellectual property that you use in your publications, websites, or other media formats needs to be evaluated for your rights to use it. This can include videos, photos, graphics, and text. One common mistake to watch out for is too broadly interpreting a limited license for specific use.

Since the process of obtaining and protecting copyrights can be complicated, it’s recommended that you work with someone on a regular basis who can inform you about your rights and responsibilities with regard to all the intellectual property linked to your Miami association.