Steering Clear of Mistakes When Filing a Patent Application

You might think that you’re saving time and money when you file a patent application on your own in Florida, but doing so can increase the chances that you make a mistake. Here are some of the most common mistakes made when inventors try to “do it yourself” with a patent application.

Mistake One: Not Keeping Private Details Private

Make sure that if you present the details of your invention to someone else, you’ve had them sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you skip this step, even if it’s a venture capitalist firm that is considering making an investment, it can be harder to prove ownership down the road.

Mistake Two: Failing to Consider the International Market

Inventions could be exploited internationally if they become success here in the United States. To fully explore the potential ramifications of your <:a href = "/practice-areas/">Florida patent application, work with an attorney from the outset so you can avoid this costly mistake.

Mistake Three: Not Fully Developing the Invention

In order to be considered a valid invention under the law, your product must serve some purpose and should be seen as a solution to a problem or set of problems. Unfortunately, too many people mix up inventions with ideas.

Mistake Four: Not Considering Multiple Applications for the Invention

If you limit your Boca Raton patent application, you may discover down the line that it has applications in other fields that you never expected. If your patent application has a limited description, the inventor might lose out on a lot of money. In this case, broad patents can be far more profitable to inventors as opposed to very narrow ones. Enlist help when you start an application to protect yourself.