Three Signs You Need a Patent Attorney in Boca Raton FL

While lay people may be able to handle some areas of the law without a lawyer, intellectual property law is not one of these areas. A patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida provides invaluable services to clients to help them protect their innovations. Here are three signs when you will need the services of a patent attorney in Boca Raton Florida.

You Are Not Sure if You Can Receive a Patent

A patent attorney can discuss the nature of the invention with you and review drawings and sketches that you have. He or she will attempt to ascertain what is novel about the idea and how your invention is different from other similar items in the market, if applicable. Not all subject matters allow for patents, so a patent attorney can determine if the invention qualifies for a patent under this designation.

You Are Applying for a Patent

The application process is tedious and requires great finesse and precision in its wording and supplemental information that you provide. A patent attorney can help guide clients through this complex process so that the inventor is more likely to have his or her application approved the first time around. Inventors are not as protected while their application remains in pending status, so the services of a patent attorney can help them save time and money. Often learning how to effectively write patent applications takes years.

You Are Threatened with a Lawsuit

If another company believes that you are infringing on their intellectual property, you will need a patent attorney who also handles litigation. There may be viable defenses that you can make to protect your legal interests and your own financial interests of your patent. Alternative forms of resolving the claim – such as mediation – may help you settle the claim without going through the ordeal of a full-blown trial.