Top Three Tips for Hiring the Right Copyright Attorney

If you are involved in the process of securing a copyright in Miami/Boca Raton or Naples, you’re probably beginning to investigate possible attorneys to help you with this process. Hiring an attorney early on in the process can improve chances that your copyright is secured properly and efficiently. When you don’t already have a network of individuals who can help you or a contact in the intellectual property field, conduct your research for the right intellectual property attorney for your situation.

Securing a copyright falls under the umbrella of intellectual property law, which also includes subjects related to trademarks and patents. Finding an attorney who practices in all three subjects may seem appealing, but it’s important to know that some patent attorneys don’t put much effort or investment into the copyright portion of their practice. When shopping for a copyright attorney, be sure you have a conversation about the individual’s background in this field and their ability to help you.

In the event that you are facing litigation regarding securing a copyright or another legal copyright issue, you need an attorney who has litigation experience. Important questions for your Miami intellectual property attorney in this case have to do with the legal grounds in the case and whether the attorney will bill you on an hourly basis or on a contingency fee basis. On an hourly basis, you’re going to pay for the services the attorney provides based on the amount of time they must invest into preparing for and fighting your case. When the case is taken on a contingency basis, the attorney only gets a cut from the winnings if your case is successful. Make sure you discuss these important questions up front when hiring your own intellectual property attorney in Florida.