What Are the Most Common Examples of Copyright Infringement?

The laws that pertain to the protection of the legal owner of a certain piece of work have been in place for many years. A copyright allows the legal owner to have create for the work created and provide a way to repay said owner when the right is infringed. With the world becoming a smaller place as a result of all the technological advances, it can be dangerously easy to infringe on a copyright. It may be helpful in preventing future offenses by knowing some of the most common examples of copyright infringement in South FL but also anywhere else including the World Wide Web.


This is one of the most common examples of copyright infringement. It encompasses all times of media: DVDs, music, books, and even software. There is the first item one thinks of in piracy, DVDs. It has become a major legal issue, with very serious penalties and fees. However, it can also be done simply and innocently enough by downloading a copyrighted song without permission.

YouTube Material

With YouTube becoming so popular in the past years, this type of copyright infringement has becoming most common. By posting videos, images, and even trailers without the permission, one is infringing on that copyright. YouTube, in its term of service, includes a clause to prohibit it but it still occurs.


The internet allows all types of works to be able to people all over the world, at times in different languages. However, it may seem helpful; doing a translation of a work without permission is still considered copyright infringement.