What Does an Intellectual Property Attorney in Boca Raton FL Do?

Intellectual property law is one of the most complex areas of the law and one of the few areas of law where an attorney can receive certification in a specialized area. What an intellectual property attorney in Boca Raton Florida does can be as varied as the cases that he or she is involved in. However, some of the more frequent tasks that an intellectual property attorney in Boca Raton Florida assists with include:


If a person is interested in filing for a patent, an intellectual property lawyer can conduct due diligence by researching patents already in existence. This can help the client avoid the potential of being found civilly liable for encroaching upon someone else’s patent. It also helps the individual determine how much more specific his or her own patent needs to be. A lawyer may provide the client with a formal letter that discusses the existence of similar patents and his or her professional opinion regarding the likelihood of securing a separate patent.


Individuals who would like to file a patent must complete a very specific application that provides a thorough explanation of their invention. While copyright and trademark rights arise without an application, individuals who would like to fully secure their intellectual rights in these regards may also file an application to help formalize them.

Protection of Rights

Once a person secures intellectual property rights, a lawyer may be called upon to help protect these rights. This may be by filing a complaint against a party that is trying to infringe upon the patent, or it may be by defending a case that another party files against the client that alleges the client is the one violating the patent rights.


In many cases, an inventor may be interested in licensing his or her intellectual property. This allows another party to use the information or process in his or her own business for a specified duration while often still retaining ownership of the right.