What to Look for in a Patents and Trademarks Attorney in Florida

A patent and trademarks attorney in Florida may work on a wide variety of cases.  He or she may help apply for patents for clients, draft an agreement to license certain intellectual property, write a franchise agreement to use a trademark or protect clients from frivolous lawsuits that claim that they are infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.  These issues primarily deal with preserving clients’ rights and protecting their livelihoods, making the person whom you chose as your patent and trademarks attorney in Florida a very important decision.  Look for the following characteristics to ensure that you are provided with the professional representation that you deserve.


Your patent and trademarks attorney should primarily focus his or her practice on intellectual property.  A person who dabbles in family law, criminal law, immigration law and intellectual property law may do everything fine.  However, if a lawyer specializes in one specific area of the law, he or she is more likely to have developed a greater understanding of the issues at hand.  Additionally, you will likely not be having to pay time for as much research someone who is not focused on this area of the law would have to conduct in order to provide you with competent representation.


The patent and trademarks attorney you choose should have experience dealing with the specific legal issue that your case concerns.  If you are applying for a patent, he or she should have a proven track record of getting patents approved.  If you are litigating a copyright infringement case, he or she should have experience in this realm.  Ask for client testimonials or statistics regarding how recent cases have unfolded.


Intellectual property cases can be in pending status for quite some time.  For this reason, it is important that your attorney provide you with periodic updates and clearly communicating what is happening with your case